Blinds are a popular window covering that protects privacy, provides aesthetic and functional appeal enabling you to control the light entering the room.

Learning how to clean blinds is easy; it only requires familiar cleaning tools and a little know-how. Here are our top tips on how you can take care of your window blinds.

Sun-screen, Block-out And Light Filtering Roller Blind Cleaning

  1. Start by removing dust from roller blinds with a vacuum cleaner
  2. Clean roller blinds with a wipe or delicate brush plunged in soapy water, proceed to wash / rinse with clean water, and leave blind down until totally dry
  3. Try not to scrub, use solvents or any abrasive substance

Aluminium Venetian Blind Cleaning

  1. Clean aluminium venetian window blinds by shutting slats and using a quill duster, soft brush or soft textile.
  2. For aluminum blind stains, clean with a soggy textile, or gently spray-clean and allow to thoroughly dry.

Wooden Venetian Blind Cleaning

  1. Start by removing dust from wooden venetian blinds with vacuum cleaner or compressed air
  2. Clean wooden Venetian blinds with a soggy fabric
  3. Try not to scrub, or use solvents or any rough substance to abstain from destroying slat covering

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