Every new year, people draft plans to create positive change. Creating plans for the new year can address various goals across wellness, finance, mental heath and general personal and professional development.

Drafting plans for the year is so helpful, it keeps you focused. I know you’d be wondering how to draft these plans, well, keep reading to know the hacks.

Define Your Priorities

What are your priorities for the year? Get a paper and a pen, write these plans in order of importance.

Is it building a relationship with God, a peaceful home, financial stability, skills development? Write them down and take note of the must have’s – which you think will ultimately define the year for you and progress from there.

Define Timelines & Set a Reminder

Set a timeline for your laid out plans and lock them in to your calendar. Make note of the important milestones and dates, You can also set reminders on your phone to ensure you’re always on track.

Develop Good Habits

Finalise this by developing good habits, good habits help one achieve their dreams. If your goal is to evolve rapidly in your academics or work life, develop good habits that would support that goal – it could be, waking up early to study, taking online courses, attending educative conferences, creating beneficial relationships or studying on YouTube.

Try to go to get enough rest to ensure you are in the best physical and mental health to achieve all you plans!

All the Best, Happy New Year!

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