People do not read anymore, is this statement correct? Absolutely not! It is true that people barely read, though, but there are people who love reading, and are broadly knowledgeable.

Reading books allows you to live multiple lives in a single one. A well-written book by a good writer or specialist in any field can definitely summarize decades of life and experience in a book that you can read in several days.

Also reading changes you, opens your eyes wider. With every page you read, your thoughts, behavior and personality change.

You don’t need an excuse to read a book, but if you’re looking for reasons to feel good about reading, we have five genuine reasons you’ll like, keep scrolling.

Reading improves the brain

It’s been scientifically proven that reading improves the brain, and readers tend to think broader than non-readers.

It also improves your memory and critical thinking skills. Regardless of your age, reading keeps your memory and thinking skills intact.

Reading reduces stress

We all know that life generally is stressful, but reading reduces life stress more than walking, talking, dancing, or listening to music.

Reading is proven to reduce stress. It reduces your heart rate and eases tension in the muscles. It helps you escape reality and feel refreshed.

Reading improves overall wellness

Who could have thought that spending at least 30 minutes a day reading a good book helps shape the body and expand the reader’s lifespan?

When you’re relaxed and you’re reading a good book, your body tends to be in good shape, and reading before bed improves the sleep.

Reading makes you versatile

It’s been confirmed that readers are leaders, and are the brightest, and also the most knowledgeable.

Reading fosters a different kind of attention, intelligence and creativity, that affects your thinking and decisions in profound ways that you won’t be consciously aware of.

Reading builds your vocabulary

This way, you are able to better express yourself and put your point forward in a more communicative manner.

Reading is arguably one of the best means of grasping new vocabulary. Go beyond the traditional novel and try magazines, journals, and so forth.

Deep reading promotes empathy and emotional intelligence.

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Posted by:Sarah Usman

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