The good thing about switching up or updating your living room decor that is rarely discussed is how inexpensive and pocket friendly it could be, there are easy steps that would be discussed in this article that would help you refurbish your living room and make it look chic with little or no amount of money.

Rearrange the furniture

Rearrange the furniture in your living room. Moving your furniture around gives your room a new look with zero cost.

Place a rug

Place a new rug or replace the old one with an attractive or classy rug. Rug / carpet stores, often times, have remnants, so getting a rug from there will be affordable.

Hang Artworks

A lot can be done with artwork, getting an artwork is also pocket friendly. You could get a new artwork or rearrange existing pieces to create new ones. You can also frame wallpaper by combining fabrics together or drawing an attractive picture on a board.

Paint your living room

Paint is basically the most obvious thing seen in the living room. Painting your room will cost you little amount of money but will your room an excellent look.

Add lampshades

Lamps are the jewels in the living room. It changes your mood, and softens your heart. Try different shades of lamps, from black to white, or simple to patterned. Getting lamps for your living room is affordable, and not difficult to access.

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