Minoh is a city in northwestern Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It is pronounced as “Minō” or “Minoh”.

Minoh is known as a hotspot for people looking to enjoy the picturesque beauty and striking colors of autumn in Osaka.

The city includes popular fall foliage viewing spots, with Minoh Park and Minoh Falls.

It is a place to escape into nature, away from all of the noise pollution of a busy city life. If you wish to surround yourself in the natural world of Japan, Minoh is a place for you.

Archdaily designed an apartment in this nature pleasing city with quarters for a family with three children, a music rehearsal space and a tatami room. 

“We planned the interior by picturing the living room portion as filling in the empty space created by boxes being stacked together. The configuration of the interior gives rise to the box-shaped form of the exterior in which no one place can be seen as the front. The expression of the building changes depending on the location of the viewer.” Archdaily.

Do walk with us as we step inside this beautiful house in Minoh.

Source: archdaily.com

Posted by:Sarah Usman

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One thought on “Step Inside House in Minoh, Japan

  1. I like the different types of wood used. The home I want to purchase has wood that does not go with anything I already have. I want to make it work and not paint over all of the wood.


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