Sumari Krige of Le Grange Interiors is an interior designer and décor retailer who founded Rooms on View in 2000. The show developed into one of SA’s benchmark décor and design exhibitions.

La Grange Interiors was established in 1996. Initially set up in a 200-year-old barn in the picturesque town of Franschhoek.

In the following two years Sumari Krige extended the brand to open a second source in Pretoria and soon after, a third rambling showroom in the stylistic theme center point of Kramerville, Johannesburg.

The latest retail space was opened in 2015, situated in the heart of the supremely popular region of Woodstock in Cape Town.

The brand has an interesting contribution in that every thing is handpicked or specially crafted by Sumari herself, and invariably has an unusual story or experience attached to it.

Her enthusiasm for the extraordinary takes her everywhere in the world – from little know crafters’ displays to dusty classical stores and craftsman families.

New stock is unloaded week after week, guests are constantly treated to something new.

From luxurious delicate décor accents in finished natural linens to old antiques, hand crafted wooden furnishings, lamps and accessories that mix effectively with La Grange’s casual yet elegant rattan furniture, Sumari’s eye for timeless and exclusive items is brilliant.


Posted by:Sarah Usman

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