The dining room is an integral part of a home, it should represent your personal style.

Most times, it is adjacent to the kitchen for convenience. Other times, it is created in the kitchen – if the kitchen is big enough to accommodate dining table and chairs.

With the right decor accents and furniture, this section of your home will become the room where you want to relax, spend some alone time and enjoy the ambience that you have created. It is easy to set up a stylish dining room, keep scrolling to see how.

Modern Lighting Fixtures

It’s important to choose a fixture that provides the right amount of light while complementing your dining room decor. 

Install modern pendant lighting over the table to create a focal point and then use alternative light sources such as a floor lamp, table lamps if the space has a side board for mood lighting.

Color Combination

It’s okay to play around with colours when designing your dining space. Colours can influence our mood, appetite and emotions. The colour of your dining room will greatly depend on your personal taste and likes, feel free to go bold if that’s what you prefer.

Attractive Wall Decor

When it comes to dining room walls, consider your dining room a space where you can let your creativity run free – since the room is often used occasionally, you can be more experimental with your design and go for something completely different and unexpected.

If you have a large art collection, or a collection of meaningful photographs, large mirrors, graphic wallpaper, you could install them on the wall.

Enhance your space

When designing your dining room, creating an inviting space is quite necessary. Don’t cram loads of big furniture in it or turn it into a dumping ground of unwanted items.

Choose amazing chairs

Sophisticated dining chairs play a vital role while styling the dining room. How they look, fit , and how comfortable they are is quite important. If you’re lacking space, you want to make the room look as big as possible so don’t go for high back chairs as this will instantly make it look smaller.

Curate your furniture wisely.


Posted by:Sarah Usman

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