In a society where your mental health could either make or break you, It is important to love yourself unconditionally.

Self-love is never selfish

In Love Myself song, Hailee Steinfeld said, “I’m gonna put my body first and love me so hard ‘til it hurts.”

Self love allows you take care of your own needs and not sacrifice your well being to please others.

I’ve had my fair share of self loathe where I despised my body and doubted my achievements. It was really tough, but was able to push through. You might ask how? Stay with me,I am getting somewhere.

Accepting that you are human and bound to make mistakes in life is the first step and create genuine conversations with yourself. Self love gives you the opportunity to identify your insecurities and acknowledge them. It makes you work towards being a better version of you.

Self love helps boost your confidence level

Find something that you want to try out. It could be photography, sports, journaling, or anything else! When you’ve worked out your passion, commit yourself to giving it a go. Chances are, if you’re interested or passionate about a certain activity, It’s more likely to boost your confidence level and you’ll build skills more quickly.

Loving yourself unconditionally is the most divine gift you can give yourself.

Loving yourself unconditionally helps you love others

Not loving yourself makes it more difficult to love others. When you have a positive and happy mindset, you become optimistic about others. Other people’s success would begin to excite you, and you’ll feel genuinely happy for them.

“If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy.” – Kristin Chenoweth.

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