The living room is one place you spend most of the time in, and having a decorative wall designs in it really is amazing.

Keep scrolling to see how to decorate your living room with various wall accents

Hang Mirrors

Hanging an oversized mirror or smaller piece salon style mirror helps adds character to the living room walls. Mirrors especially help smaller spaces feel bigger and brighter as it reflects light.

Large Scale Art

This makes a great statement and can be a great conversation piece that really ties the room together.

Hang Dishes

Why have dishes hidden in the cabinet, when they can be displayed? With the help of wire plate hangers, you can easily display your beautiful dishes and build an eclectic collection.

Gallery Wall

This is such a classic! From curating family photographs to a a mix of art that you’ve collected over the years, you can never go wrong with a gallery wall.


Your wall could also serve as storage and shelves are such a great way to accomplish this. From books, to a selection of accent pieces, they are functional but also enhance the look of the space.

These decor ideas would breathe life into your living room space.

Source: Pinterest, Architechtural Digest

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