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For Volume IX of the BLLLustList, we’re highlighting 3 accessories that can help make your home summer ready.

Check them out!

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String Of Pearls Plant

If you’re looking for an easy succulent to brighten up your home this summer, opt for the string of pearls plant. Sprawling over the edges of containers or hanging baskets, the string of beads plant resembles a beaded necklace and will easily give your home the refreshing summer look it needs.

Metallic Velvet Pillowcase

A touch of texture and an accent of color can change the whole feel of your room this summer. These high quality, shiny pillows make it easy to add comfort and elegance to your living spaces!

Pastel Green Clock

With a minimalist design that makes it an easy fit with any look, this Scandi-inspired wall clock is a stylish way to keep on schedule. Its pastel green dial is paired with a pale wood case to make your wall summer-ready.

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