God is the ultimate source of wisdom, seek God get wise

What is wisdom? We define it as having the quality of experience, knowledge and good judgement. This implies a wise person has lived, learned, and is impacted with insight and discretion to make good decisions. Hence, we typically see wisdom associated with old age.

God wants all his children to be wise, we serve a God whose knowledge is complete, there are no gaps, he need not carry out endless hours of research to conclude a matter; he is eternal, his knowledge has no time limits, it is current, yet ancient; he knows all thoughts, feelings, plans, and desires  he is the source of all understanding. Therefore, he should be our first point of call, whenever we face challenging and difficult situations. But, wisdom from God doesn’t come easy (Proverbs 2:3-5), it’s reserved for those who are true followers. When we diligently seek God he freely gives to us the wisdom we need to exist in a way that pleases him, which is the best way to live.

Wisdom is the mind of God

By default, the omniscient nature of God implies that all his thoughts are wise, there is no error or fault in the way he reasons. We see it perfectly exemplified through the person of Jesus Christ our standard for righteous living. We also have access to the mind of God through his written word in the bible (Proverbs 1:22-23). The bible sets the standard for our lifestyle choices, the way we approach our relationship with God, our family members, peers and community at large, it also helps us to understand the nature of God, and what he expects of us as we navigate through this existence.

The fear of the Lord brings wisdom

When you reverence God, you respect and honor enough to put him first place in your life. He automatically becomes your default life coach, you want to do things his way and not yours, so you diligently seek his direction and instruction in all matters (Proverbs 3:4-5). When we choose this path, it makes us wise, because we are deciding to live out our human experience in a way that is far more fulfilling and superior, than anything we can ever propose for ourselves. This doesn’t mean it will always be pleasant, or what we agree with,but it will the best for us and we will live effortlessly in obedience with God.

Be diligent in your search for wisdom and knowledge

Anything worth having will take some effort, sometimes we will have to pray and fast before we get divine instruction from God, we may have to commit to a daily sacrifice of bible study and quiet time, we may have to read books, blog posts (like this one), attend church services, seek wise counsel prayerfully, attend seminars all in our quest for knowledge. We have to be persistent, patient and purposeful about it (Proverbs 2:3). Wisdom is not something we gain in one year but a whole lifetime, however whenever we learn something new that is profitable for us, we must apply it and humbly share whatever we have learnt.

You must be humble to receive wisdom

God loves a contrite spirit, and there is very little you can receive from him without being submissive to his will, not least of all wisdom. Pride in one’s intellect, education, personal experiences, ability to reason and worldly knowledge (Proverbs 3:7) can serve as a stumbling block from receiving wisdom from God. You must come to him open and ready to obey. Be prepared to challenge your beliefs, God’s ways are not ours, they can confuse or even contradict what we expect, but they are always best for us.

It is a choice to be wise

Believe it or not, not everyone desires wisdom (Proverbs 1:22), I think the phrase goes ignorance is bliss. When you become aware, it makes you accountable for your actions, few people like this responsibility, they also detest the sheer hard work it takes to seek wisdom. It requires a willingness to do things God’s way; it requires humility, patience, sacrifice, study and sometimes giving up of habits along the way. Humans are rebellious, we have a hard time as it is taking counsel from our own parents, that prideful sinful nature keeps us away from seeking direction from God. Gods’ nature is not forceful, and he has given each of us the free will to choose the path we desire, it will serve us best to seek his wisdom in all things.

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