We all know how exhausting it can be trying to find an apartment that fits all of our needs. From searching for hours and hours on end to being let down by minor mishaps, everyone yearns for a renter’s experience that is as stress-free and efficient as possible.

To make your search a little more pleasant, we’ve accumulated 6 pieces of advice that just may guide you through the journey of finding your ideal apartment.

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1. Start a spreadsheet to track your progress.

Create a master spreadsheet of all the places you’ve found online, including columns for things like “Price,” “Location,” “Amenities,” “Nearby Stores,” and more. This will make it easier to decide which places you want to visit, and which to skip.

2. Create a list of your go-to questions

Asking clear and concise questions is the key to getting all the information you need while apartment hunting. Once you’re ready to visit each site, write up a list of (important) questions to ask the broker or landlord while you’re on your hunt.

While you may be tempted to download a list from the internet, it is much safer to sit down and customize your questions based on your own house-hunting needs.

3. Check for cell phone reception in every room

Though this may seem slightly arbitrary, the practice of checking network connectivity in your new home can save you a lot of time and money. Walk through the entire apartment with your phone out to ensure that you never have to go through the nightmare of making every call outside.

4. Drop by the building on a rainy day

When the weather gets messy, you just might see another side of your dream apartment than what you initially expected. Visiting during a rainy day will show you how the roof holds up, if the parkway has good drainage, and most importantly, if there are any hidden leaks in the rooms.

5. Beware of bottom floor units

While it’s true that you can sometimes save a pretty penny buy living in a ground-floor unit, beware of subsequent issues such as higher heating bills, noise, and plumbing backups.

6. Always read the bad reviews!

We can relate to how encouraging positive tenant reviews can be. But if you really want to know the entire truth about a prospective apartment company, reading the negative comments may prove beneficial to you and your pocket.

Always check out every raw and unbiased opinion of the strangers who have lived at the apartment in question before settling on a final verdict.

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