According to 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, “It was an emotional reaction,” when she initially visited what is now her Beltway home, dubbed “Whitehaven”

“When I was elected to the Senate in 2000, I knew that I needed a place to live while we were in session during the year. So I began looking. And, I had an experience in this house, which was just emotional. I had gone up to the third floor and looked out over the trees—to the back of the British embassy—and I just felt like I was in old-time London or New York. The gardens were just the most amazing that I had seen anywhere in my real-estate tour,” she says.

The Neo-Georgian red-brick 5,500-square-foot house that had been built in 1951 and initially required extensive renovations. “The mandate was to bring more light and to create more physical space for sitting and relaxing,” says Rosemarie Howe, the interior designer who worked with Ms. Clinton on the project from 2003 to 2006. “We also wanted to open the house and all of its interior rooms to this beautiful back garden.”

Check on it!

a brick house with a pool behind it

a bright and airy sunroom with stuffed furniture


Visitors to Bill and Hillary Clinton's home in Washington D.C. are invited to sign a guest book. The book sits atop an...

The living room and entryway are painted in Ms. Clintons favorite color pale yellow . Early 19thcentury Italian...


A peek into the homes kitchen where barstools face a window that looks out onto landscaped greenery. There had been a...

We use this room in several ways says Ms. Clinton of her formal dining room. We have actual dinners buffets or sometimes...

An anteroom ahead of the kitchen this nook is used for informal meetings. It also doubles as a holding area for the...

The family room on the second floor features this cheerful China Seas fabric again in Ms. Clintons favorite color. This...

The former Secretary of State stands in her dining room. Behind her is a second painting she and President Clinton...

The koi pond an original feature of the grounds was Ms. Rodhams favorite spot. She would go and sit in one of those...


Source: Architectural Digest.

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