One of the most crucial design decisions you can ever make for any bedroom is the choice of your headboard.

Though often overlooked, this element can serve as a focal point while instantly altering the vibe of your room. Whether you want to elevate your space, make it look cozier, or add a random burst of color, these headboard ideas will get your creative juices flowing.


A “Cubby” Headboard: These paneled designs come with various cubicles that could be filled with your favorite books, plants, or framed pictures. 

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Rustic Headboard: Give your bedroom a striking uniqueness with a headboard that no one’s ever seen before!

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Textured/Upholstered Headboard: A fast and easy fix for adding color and simplicity to your bedroom.


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Patterned Headboard: If you’re concerned about a “busy” bedroom detracting you from a good night’s sleep, just balance a playful headboard with simple, solid bedding for inspiring results.

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Fan Headboard: Give your bedroom some boho vibes with something unexpected, like a giant bamboo fan.


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