For a thriving career, you need a great support system. That’s why you need to pick your office posse carefully.

It is important to place your focus on cultivating authentic relationships with the right colleagues—such as the ones who can help you get a raise, promotion, a good laugh, or exposure to company brass. Not sure who those people are, aside from your boss? Don’t fret: we’ve compiled a list of who you want in your inner circle.

An office bestie

Studies show that having a work BFF can not only improve job satisfaction but can also boost your performance and productivity. Therefore, fully embrace the colleague you know, genuinely like, and can rely on for honest feedback. Bear in mind, though, that the relationship should form organically.

The Innovator

Innovators are always looking for new ways to complete tasks. They bring a fresh set of eyes to various situations and look for ways to improve them and make them more efficient. This is the person you want looking at better ways to automate rote tasks or to streamline a system that isn’t working very well. By collaborating with them—rather than squaring off—you can improve your skill set and your reputation. A win-win for everyone!

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An HR confidant 

There are multiple benefits of forming a relationship with someone who has information on job openings before word gets out, among other insider knowledge.

To build rapport, connect with an HR rep on a monthly basis to discuss your career goals—and make sure to do it in person. It’s all too easy to rely on email as a crutch, but face to face interaction is the most important part of developing and maintaining strong relationships!

The Advocate

We all need someone to have our backs. Advocates aren’t afraid to speak up for themselves—or for you if they think you deserve something you’re not getting. Advocates vouch for their team members and work hard to provide the resources they need at any given time. Try to find yourself that person who’d want to do the right thing for the people working around them.

If being surrounded by people who come up with great ideas, work together, and stick up for each other sounds like a great place to work, seeking out these coworkers might be a step in the right direction.

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