So you’re seriously considering moving in with your boyfriend. You’re both head over heels in love with each other, and you can no longer stand those lonely nights apart.

Living under the same roof may have significant financial and emotional benefits, but there are still many drawbacks involved, especially since your relationship isn’t financially protected by the legalities of a marriage.

Below, we’ve gathered 20 crucial questions to ask yourself before deciding to live with your partner!

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  1. Do you see yourself staying with this person long-term?
  2. Do they have habits and behaviors that annoy you?
  3. Have you traveled together somewhere for multiple days in a row without wanting to kill each other?
  4. How big will the new place be? How much personal space will you need?
  5. Do you like each other’s friends and family members?
  6. Are both of your sleep schedules compatible?
  7. How clean are you?
  8. Who will be responsible for cleaning, washing, gardening and cooking?
  9. Are you and your partner tolerant towards each other?
  10. (If applicable) Do your parents or guardians approve of your decision?
  11. Is your partner good at handling disputes and/or conflicts?
  12. Whose name will be on the lease?
  13. Will you split the rent and utilities 50/50?
  14. Will you have a joint account, or will different bills come out of your accounts separately?
  15. Who will be responsible for paying the bills and managing finances?
  16. Who gets to keep the living space in the event of a breakup?
  17. Will the other partner be expected to help subsidize moving costs in the event of a break up?
  18. Will you both contribute equally to other expenses like furniture, home repairs, and maintenance, or cleaning services?
  19. Do you have a separate savings account in the event you need to move out?
  20. Will cohabiting change your relationship for the better? Or could it cause serious damage?

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