Remote work is increasingly becoming mainstream.

From technology-related jobs to various positions in academia, working remotely allows professionals to make money outside of a traditional office environment. While it’s possible to apply your basic office practices to a remote job, being a better remote worker sometimes requires a different approach.

So what does it actually take to be successful in this new trend of work? These 4 tips just might do the trick.

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1. Separate work life from home life.

Although not having to commute to an office every day is one of the many benefits of remote work, there is a downside to performing your job duties at your own residence. Since your “office” may only be a few steps away from your kitchen, living room, and bedroom, it is important not to let your work and personal life seep into one another.

Try to maintain normal working hours, turn off your computer at night and cease from checking emails when you’re off the clock.

2. Take breaks

Just like your peers and coworkers at the office, you deserve your own breaks as a remote worker, too. You shouldn’t feel guilty for working from the comfort of your home, so make it a point to incorporate short bursts of activity throughout your day. Stretch your legs, take a walk around the block, or drive down to your local cafe for a coffee break. Your body will thank you for it.

3. Be social.

Working from home can be extremely isolating, as there aren’t any co-workers to physically interact with from across the room. Regardless of whether you chose a remote job to avoid office drama and distractions, you should still try to interact with people on your remote team. Maximize the mediums that your company may offer for workers to stay connected to each other—both for work purposes as well as for play.

4. Limit distractions.

Finding your focus can be a challenge when you work remotely. You are constantly tempted by the comforts of home, such as your bed, your pets, your TV and more.

One of the best ways to limit distractions is by setting up a separate space to work from, whether it’s a room, a closet, or even your balcony. Feel free to dress up in corporate wear every morning if you think it’ll help you feel like you’re working in a real office!

5. Communicate as much as you can!

The key to being successful in any professional role is communication, but when it comes to remote work, the importance is amplified. Since you’re no longer a desk away from your manager, it is your job to occasionally schedule check-in meetings with them to connect on your goals, upcoming projects and daily tasks.


What other strategies has helped you become a better remote worker? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!


Photo Source: Mental Health America, Tumblr

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