Dressing up for work is a total confidence booster. Not only does a good wardrobe make you feel pretty good about yourself, it also gives you a little fun activity to look forward to every morning.

If you haven’t gotten a grip of how to look your best before heading to work everyday, these talented, creative, and super-stylish women could be of help!

Keep scrolling to see the bloggers who adapt high-fashion looks to something  appropriate for the cubicle lifestyle!


1. Ashley – Sed Bona

This fashion blogger’s wardrobe is to-die-for! From monochromatic looks and feminine pieces to stunning fabrics and harmonic color-combinations, Ashley from Sed Bona will teach you how to accessorize your work-wear outfits in the most stylish way possible.

Ashley - Sed Bona copy


2. Folake – Style Pantry

If you want to wear a riot of color to the office, then you have to follow Folake and her incredible style. She takes typically conservative combinations of blouses and pencil skirts and translates them into an explosion of beautiful patterns!

Folake - Style Pantry



3. Janise – Mama in Heels

If you have a knack for wearing office appropriate outfits in a very soft and feminine way, Mama in Heels should be your go-to fashion blogger. She’s quite a classic dresser with a great blog for everyday office wear inspiration!

Janise - Mama in Heels


4. Tanesha – Tanesha Awasthi

Tanesha’s style features less formal but still super smart and office-worthy outfits. Patterned shift dress and full 50’s skirt are some of the cute staples you’d find in her thriving blog!

Tanesha - Tanesha Awasthi


5. Mary – Memorandum

The Queen of Office Chic, Mary’s stunning blog features styles for different office types, including conservative, whimsical and simple, as well as interview attire, day-to-night and special occasion.

Mary - Memorandum


6. Anh – 9 to 5 Chic

Anh favors soft tailoring and smart casual looks in neutrals, soft blush colors and black styled in a very classy, effortless way.

Anh - 9 to 5 Chic


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