When we think of bathrooms, we think traditional porcelain, neutrally painted cabinets and (sometimes), boring steel fixtures. However, a new trend of adding natural wood into bathroom decor has completely stolen our hearts and we just can’t get enough!

Natural wood is a warm, neat, and organic material that can revamp your bathroom decor style from ‘mediocre’ to modern-day rustic.

What we love most about this rich element is that it comes in so many different species, textures, finishes, and applications, making it an ideal match for every family and their individual aesthetic.

More importantly, the eco-friendly idea of sustainability comes into play when considering natural wood for your bathroom. Homeowners can cut costs and conserve natural resources by collecting wooden products that have been recycled and used in new ways to renovate their own spaces!

Curious to explore all the ways you can incorporate wood into your bathroom? Come cast a glance at some of our favorite ideas!


Idea 1: Cabinets

Choosing a cabinet made out of natural wood adds a level of luxe and elegance to your bathroom that you probably wouldn’t get from any other material!

Black faucets set in the wall. White rectangular sinks. Off white counters. Oak cabinets. Black hardware.



Idea 2: Bathtubs

Simmering down in a wooden tub will undoubtedly give you a one-of-a-kind bathing experience. Transport your bathroom to a place of peace and serenity with an alegna or cedarwood bathtub, and be sure to pick a contrasting floor shade to strike some balance!


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Idea 3: Floors

Stepping into your bathroom will bring forth a whole new experience when you’re walking on paneled wood floors!

Oh and PSA: they are so sturdy, they keep you from slipping!




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Idea 4: Walls

Want to give your bathroom that relaxing, heat sauna vibe? Cover your walls in finely finished wood and be sure to make them contrast with the floors for some balance!



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Idea 5: Sink base

Ground your sink on some fine timber to add a bit of character to the entire space.




Idea 6: Extras!

If you’re not sure exactly where you’d like to incorporate your soulful pieces of natural wood, just go ahead and add them to the finishing touches across your bathroom. Towel baskets, shelving units, sitting areas, anything!


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