You’ve got the man, you’ve got the ring, and now you’re faced with planning one of the biggest days of your life!

As you probably already know, weddings are naturally very expensive affairs. Advertising outlets don’t help matters either, as they’ve continuously convinced couples into spending enormous sums of money to make their day “special”

While money plays a huge factor in most nuptial preparations, there’s good news! With some careful consideration and mindful planning, your dream wedding doesn’t have to come with a ridiculous price tag.

Join us as we run through some tips on how you can plan a wedding without breaking the bank.

Make a List of Wants vs Needs

Most couples dream big for their wedding day, but like everything else, these dreams come with a cost.

Pinterest might show you a plethora of amazing wedding must-haves and ideas, but are they what you really need? Do they reflect who you and your partner are as a couple? Take some time out to make a realistic list of the things you want and need for your wedding, and stay grounded by focusing only on the ‘needs’ section. It is a good idea to start with big items, such as photography and venue, before moving onto the smaller and less relevant details.

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Give the guest list another look

Creating a wedding guest list is the easiest way to determine what your budget is going to look like for the big day. Lowering your guest count saves you money immediately and across the board, hence why it is crucial to think about the people you’re inviting and why.

It might be uncomfortable having to hurt the feelings of your “not-so-close friends”, but it is important to remember that the fewer invites you extend, the less money you have to spend on food and drinks.

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Ask friends and family

If you are close to someone that can provide a service or product for you on your wedding day, don’t be afraid to ask for their help. Rather than spending money on overpriced local vendors, patronize your talented friends and family in the same business who may be willing to charge less (or nothing, if they’re that generous!)

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Book Your Wedding During Off-Season

Booking an off-season wedding does not only save you tons of money, but it will also help you and your wedding guests save cost on accommodation and travel expenses. Always keep in mind that long holiday months such as June, July and December are usually busier and more expensive than others. So, to be within budget, you can opt to have your wedding during calmer and less hectic months.

What other tips do you have for couples trying to plan out their special day? Let us know in the comment section below!

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