Inner peace is a virtue that is often difficult to find in life.

As humans, we tend to spend so much time wallowing over our personal misfortunes that we often miss many opportunities to pause and bask in true, genuine peace. A wise man, however, once said: “Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.”

There is no doubt that life will constantly throw unfavorable experiences our way. But that should not deter us from enjoying the bliss that comes with having peace of mind.

Here are 5 ways to recenter yourself and unplug from life’s chaos when you’re faced with challenges.

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Accept what is

There is only so much you can control as you journey through life.

With this truth in mind, it is advisable to simply change the things you can, and leave the rest to God.

If you are struggling to come to terms with any unchangeable factors in your life, you just may never experience the true beauty of inner peace. Don’t add to your misery by continually questioning things, regretting past decisions, and “wishing” that life could be different. Accept what has happened already and look forward to what’s to come.

Eliminate whatever gives you trouble

Peace can never thrive in a troubled space.

If there is something that has caused you to lose sleep at night, you must challenge yourself to it let go completely. Forgive and forget the people who have deeply wronged you. End any toxic or harmful relationships you may be a part of.  Cut off anything that steals your joy and be completely unapologetic when doing so.


Meditation is the state of deep tranquility that occurs when the mind is calm, centered and focused.

Certain practices have proven to help people develop inner peace, including reading and meditating on the Bible, Quran, or any type of sacred text. What goes inside you grows inside you, so make it a habit to feed your mind and soul with messages that are spiritually uplifting. As you continually take in powerful words of wisdom, chances are that you may find clarity and guidance on some of your personal struggles.

Develop selective absorption

Sometimes it’s difficult to find inner peace when there’s conflict all around you. Family disagreements, disputes with friends, or even economic meltdowns could contribute to daily stress.

If you’re in this kind of situation, it may be helpful to practice something called “selective absorption”. In other words, you actively get to pick and choose what affects you and what doesn’t.

To enjoy inner peace, you must control what clouds your mind, give way to only positive things and people, and understand that you do not have to respond to every situation or react to every problem.

Remember: Although a ship is surrounded by water, it can only sink when it lets the water get into it.

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