Being with the same person every day can get pretty boring if you aren’t careful.

With that in mind, it is crucial to know how to grow and nurture the bond you have with your significant other.

If you’re afraid that things may get stale in your relationship, and would like to know how to keep things solid for long, it’s important to know some of the habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships.

1. They’re Affectionate

Happy couples are never ashamed to show affection to one another, both in public and in private. Remind your partner that you’re still attracted to them by doing little things such as holding hands or sharing hugs occasionally.

2. They make time for each other

Happy couples don’t necessarily have to spend every waking moment together, but when they do, it’s always time that is valued. The best kinds of couples know that quality time is much more important than spending huge portions of the day with one another. It’s normal if you and your partner are busy with your own lives, but don’t forget to take time to do things together.

3. They have lives outside of the relationship.

As with everything else in life, balance is key!

The best kinds of couples don’t disregard their friends, families, or careers and put 100% of their focus on their relationship alone. They understand how to strike a balance between every part of their lives and look for fulfillment outside of the relationship as well. Taking time for yourself and other interests gives you an opportunity to recharge and recenter yourself.

4. They focus on the things they like about their partner, rather than the things they don’t.

Couples therapist Kari Carroll shared on her website that “This positive perspective, which is a trend among the happiest couples in decades of research by The Gottman Institute, is something that increases warmth, friendship and feeling generally liked by their partner. But when these couples are met with perpetual problems, even then they find the humor in their differences and work to find temporary compromises that enable them to continue appreciating their partner for who they are.”

5. They are always looking to complement one another.

Happy and strong couples work as a team. Where one person is weak, the other has to be strong. They always try their best to balance each other out and complete each other in a way that pushes them both to become better versions of themselves.

6. They have open communication.

Communication is the foundation for all strong relationships in the world. Couples must try their best to be open to one another, as well as make it a habit to listen carefully to each other’s needs. The strongest kinds of couples are those that don’t keep secrets from each other, but instead are delighted to openly talk about their differences and desires.

7. They are generous with compliments.

According to Pepper Schwartz, a professor of sociology and certified sexologist – “Everyone needs compliments and they especially need them from their partner. You cannot give too many sincere compliments ― whether you have been together 5 years or 50. It can be simple things like saying, ‘You look especially gorgeous today’ to deeply felt statements like ‘I was so proud of you today when you gave our son such wise advice.”


Photo Source: DESTINY Magazine

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