Lagos’ culinary scene is undoubtedly next to none.

Here are 8 places to get a good taste of Lagos.

Nok by Alara

After opening in late 2015, Nok has been a booming food-spot in Lagos’ posh Victoria Island area, tucked behind a furniture store full of artistic tables and chairs. From baobab juice to scrumptious goat sliders and mini lamb braai pies, the menu at this eclectic outdoor spot is hard to find.

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Métisse Restaurant:

Métisse brings a fusion of Asian flavors to Lagos as the first and only pan-Asian restaurant in the city. It is situated on the second floor of the AIM Plaza, offers a sea-themed décor and exotic food and cocktail menu, and combines a wonderful fusion of cultures with the seascapes of Lagos.

What’s more to love? Chilli prawn and Mongolian beef are menu highlights and there is often live music to accompany them.

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Terra Kulture

Lagos’ premier arts, education, and food centre, Terra Kulture offers an ample choice of locally grown delights, ranging from the ofada rice to catfish, to boiled yam or plantain. Not only is the food quintessentially Nigerian, but so is the food court’s décor of hand-crafted wooden furniture, and even the waiter’s uniforms.

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The Yellow Chilli

Offering traditional African dishes with a contemporary twist is one of Lagos’ most popular restaurants, The Yellow Chilli. For more adventurous food-lovers, the menu offers exciting options such as Isi-Ewu drizzled with a spicy palm oil broth, seafood okra, and a yam pottage special with beef and snail.  Continental options are also available in both of its’ bars, located in Lagos mainland and island.

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Ocean Basket:

The contemporary family-oriented ambiance of Ocean Basket makes it a great place to enjoy a variety of seafood in Lagos. Famous for its giant platters, the menu has a reputation of having some of the best stir-fry salmon, juicy prawns, and delicious calamari rings.

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Bukka Hut:

If your taste buds are screaming for authentic Nigerian cuisine served in a laid-back environment, then Bukka Hut is your go-to place. Menu options include freshly made soups and swallows, yam porridge, jollof rice, and even the traditional Nigerian breakfast of Akara (bean cakes) and pap.

The best part? A whole meal could cost only NGN 2,000 on average!


Shiro Lagos

In contrast to the aforementioned restaurant, the menu at this extravagant hotspot does not come cheap. Home to larger than life sculptural deities surveying an expansive, three-tiered dining room and al fresco lounge, Shiro is Lagos’ premier venue for luxury dining. Guests are guaranteed to get their money’s worth with quality Japanese-infused dishes, ranging from miso soup and sushi to claypot vegetarian rice, and chicken yaki udon noodles.

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