You’re one month into 2019, and you’ve just realized how badly you’ve slacked on your New Year’s resolutions. You’re contemplating giving up already, and have probably lost count on how many times you’ve asked yourself; “What’s the point?!”

Although the New Year remains an excellent time for everyone to start working towards their new-found aspirations, it is common nature for most people to struggle to reach those goals from the onset. So, the crux is this: you are not alone.

We think, however, that it might be time to throw those overly-detailed resolutions out the window and enact the positive changes you want to see in a different kind of way!

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Create A Monthly To-Do List: Rather than writing down a huge chunk of resolutions to tackle for the next 365 days, establish specific monthly goals for yourself instead. For example, you could make February the month that you start going to the gym at least three times a week. And when March comes around, you could make it the month you start eating fewer carbs every day.

The goal is to enter each month with one or two new goals to keep you feeling organized ready for what lies ahead.

Make a Bucket List: Think of a whole bunch of things you’d like to do in the coming year and write them down neatly in a journal. Whether you want to take a French-speaking class or would like to travel to a new country, creating a visual list of the things you want to do in 2019 is a reminder that yearly goals don’t have to be chores.

The most important thing about this bucket-list is to craft it in a simple, flexible and schematic way so as reduce pressure and unnecessary rigidity.

Choose a Word of the Year: Choosing a specific word for the year can be a powerful way to stay focused on the life you aspire to lead in 2019. This practice can be applied to just one goal, but may also permeate every other aspect of your life.

Start by picking a word that takes the place of a New Year’s Resolution – one that embodies what you want to be, think, feel or do. Examples could be “2019 is my year of Peace”, “2019 is my year of Surrender”, or “2019 is my year of Recovery”.

We wish you the best of luck in achieving your dreams in the coming year!

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