It’s that time of the year again, ladies! – when your surroundings will be bombarded with red hearts, pink flowers, and elegant posters full of sweet nothings.

If thoughtful boyfriend messages aren’t in your near future, or there’s simply no significant other to cuddle up with for holiday, don’t lose hope!

Here are 30 fun things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day—no S.O. required.



1. Host a singles-only dinner party.

2. Book a BFF massage

3. Go to your favorite bar

4. Bake a chocolate cake

5. Have a Sex and the City marathon.

6.  Run yourself a bubble bath with candles and wine

7. Go shopping

8.  Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure

9. Sign up for a single’s subscription box.

10. Do a Secret Santa-like Valentine exchange with your other single friends.

11. Pamper yourself at a spa.

12. Gather your girlfriends and play Tinder roulette.

13. Go to a comedy show and laugh the night away

14.  Change up your hairstyle at the salon

15. Go to a social and get matched

16. Create art at a Paint & Sip

17. Meet new people during speed dating

18. Send anonymous cards and letters to your single friends

19. Throw an anti-cupid party

20. Take a day trip to your favorite place.


Regardless of how you spend your Valentine’s Day, be sure that you try to do something that you love!

Photo Credit: FG Trade/Getty Images

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