Building and maintaining your brand on and offline is a cornerstone to making things happen in your career and personal life.

If you’re going through a career change or are just looking to improve what you’ve already established, it is paramount to give your brand a makeover every now and then.

Here are 5 ways to easily get that done in 2019!

Revamp Your CV

Your CV is an important reflection of your work experience, but it’s also a reflection of who you are as a person. Changing the language on your CV is a brilliant way to introduce your new brand image and career goals to the world. From job titles to role descriptions, the choice of words on your resume hugely affects how well you market yourself.

Change Your Outward Image

Although your physical appearance shouldn’t matter more than who you are on the inside, the way you dress is certainly a reflection of the type of person you are. It is a prominent factor in making a first impression, finding a new job, and even meeting a prospective partner or friend. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to make subtle changes to your dress code to align with your personal goals. Besides, Edith Head once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

Assess Your Career Goals

This year, take some time to identify where you need to improve upon your skills. Ask yourself questions like, “Do my skills and career goals match?” and “What can I do to get better?”
By re-branding, you can change the way you present yourself and the language you use to describe your past experience, to ensure that it matches your new career goals in the best way possible. An honest assessment of yourself is the best place to start.

Expand Your Network

This year, make it a goal to open yourself up to some new friends (without necessarily dropping the old ones). If you’re serious about re-branding your image, broadening your network to new people is a great way to foster mutually beneficial relationships that could lead to great opportunities.

Gain Additional Expertise

In the journey of rebranding yourself, there is no such thing as too much knowledge. Add to what you already know by staying current on industry standards, taking courses in your new or present career, and adding them to your online identity!

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