It is normal to want more in life – more money, for fame, more success, more accomplishments. As humans, it’s in our nature to be unsatisfied with where we are or what we have from time to time.

But as we journey through our race of constantly wanting more, it is important that we also remember to hit the pause button and acknowledge the abundance of what we already have. That is gratitude.

The saying “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is a relevant axiom in the topic of gratitude. For most of us, we are often too busy chasing after the next big thing, or channeling our energy towards our “many” woes; that we fail to recognize our blessings and the many things we’re fortunate to have.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to choose gratitude for the whole of 2019!

For every second you have something; a friend, a job, a breath, an opportunity – take a moment to say thank you, remembering that best things in life can be taken away from you at any given time.

While 2018 may not have gone as perfectly as you anticipated, take solace in the fact that many people are in dire need of the privileges you enjoyed. There are millions of unconventional blessings we tend to overlook every day, and we often do this because they have been given to us for free.

As you continue to journey through the new year, take a moment each day to appreciate the fact that you have air, and you can breathe – at least without an oxygen mask. Take a moment to appreciate the sun, the skies, the trees and everything that makes your environment beautiful. Take a moment to appreciate the organs in your body, and be thankful for the sight you have used to read this article.

Be reminded that blessings do not have to be seen or in monetary form. If you take a second to look at everything you have, both inside and out, you just might realize that although you’re not a millionaire, you are still very rich.

Learn to shift your focus from what your life lacks, to what is already present.

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