Adding touches of matte in your home is an easy way to bring on the feeling of simplicity and elegance. Although it was a trend mostly popular in fashion and beauty, matte has officially found its way into the world of interior decor (and trust us, it’s not leaving any time soon!)

Join us as we run through a few different ways you can incorporate this slick finish to your space!

On the wall:

Gloss and oil paint was once considered a luxury for walls around the house – but not anymore! Using a matte finish on your bedroom wall is the latest way to convert your space from basic to cosmo chic.

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Using Lamps:

Brighten up your home using matte lamps and lighting fixtures for an extra dose of edginess.

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The Bathroom:

Taking a bath couldn’t be more appealing in an elegant matted up tub. If you’re looking for more subtle ways to incorporate the matte look into your bathroom, try other smaller accessories such as your wash basins, taps, seats, and cabinetry.

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Make your meals a little more special with neat and elegant matte porcelain plates and bowls.
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