With 2019 slowly creeping up on us, it is highly recommended that you start making your New Year plans if you haven’t already!

From breathtaking fireworks blasting across scenic skylines to all-night raves on bustling capitals, there is never a shortage of amazing places to ring in the new year.

Check out some of our favorite cities below!

New York City

Topping our list is the city that never sleeps. With over a million people gathering in Times Square to see famous musicians and the ball drop, NYC offers one of the most exhilarating new year’s experience.

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London, England

The scenic city of London along the River Thames always provides a gorgeous backdrop for New Year’s Eve fireworks. Other areas to view the display for free include hilltops Primrose Hill, Greenwich Park, and Alexandra Palace.

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Bangkok, Thailand

This unique capital city often tops the lists of Asia’s best nightlife cities. If you like crowds, noise, and lots of dancing, Bangkok might be the New Year’s destination for you.

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Walt Disney World In Orlando, Florida

Toast to a dazzling new year in the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World! And even if you can’t afford to make a trip there, the city of Orlando still has lots more to offer, as is the second-best place in the U.S. to count down to a new year.

Dubai, UAE

From its world-famous firework displays in Burj Khalifa to exciting celebrity appearances on glamorous beachside parties, Dubai definitely knows how to amp up crowds for the New Year.

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Hong Kong

The dramatic skyline in Hong Kong’s stunning Victoria Harbour provides a sight that guests will never forget.

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Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s biggest street party takes place at the Brandenburg Gate, with 2km of live music, entertainment and food stalls stretching all the way to the Victory Column.

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South Tawara, Kiribati

Be amongst the first people to watch the sunrise in 2019 in Kiribati’s gorgeous capital city. It’s a pretty special feeling welcoming in the New Year before anyone else!

Image result for kiribati sunrise

Photo Source: Getty Images, Tumblr, Stock, Pinterest
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