Whether you are starting college, entering the workforce, or simply needing a change of environment, there are many factors to consider when thinking about a new destination to call home.

We’ve created a quick list to help guide you through your decision-making process when choosing where to move to next!

1. Cost of Living: Be sure to think through how much food costs in this new city, along with gas, utilities, and other miscellaneous expenses

2. Health Care: You’d probably have to get a new doctor, dentist, or other healthcare providers. Do your research and see what insurance coverage is typically like in the new state, along with prices and the overall quality of physicians.

3. Proximity airports and other important places: I mean, nobody wants to drive for an entire hour before being able to catch a flight.

4. Transportation: Think about what’s going to happen when your own vehicle breaks down. Does your new city have a better transit system than others? Or at least, are uber services available? These are significant expenses to consider.

5. Weather: The weather in a new city can impact your job, lifestyle, and social plans, (and utility bill). Be sure you’re prepared for a change in weather, big or small.

6. Employment: Job markets and opportunities can vary between one city and another. Even if you already have a job secured, spend some time to see what the market is like.

7. Education: If you have any future plans of going to school or furthering your education, it’s key to move to a city that has a great education system.

8. Safety: Research the crime rate in the neighborhoods on your list and ensure that law enforcement is responsive enough for your liking.

9. Banking: Keep in mind that not all bank chains have locations in every city in the country, even if it is a national chain.

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