It’s that time of the year again, folks – where we bring our homes to life with some cheerful Christmas decor!

This year, we want to challenge you to ditch the basic green and red Christmas tree decorations and opt for a more stylish and unconventional approach instead.

From over-the-top and glitzy to minimalist and rustic, there are dozens of ways to be creative with your Christmas tree this holiday season.

Keep scrolling for some inspiration!

1. Rustic Luxe:

If you’ve got the skills and patience to make a Christmas tree out of branches or thin pieces of wood, please give this brilliant idea a try!

Related image


2. Classic Black-and-White

Go emo and adorn your space with a classic black and white Christmas tree.

Image result for black and white christmas tree


3. Snow Dusted

I mean…you can never go wrong with an effortless touch of white.


4. The Step-Ladder 

Putting this together might take a while, but be rest assured that your guests will applaud you for your incomparable creativity!

Related image


5. Ombre-It-Up! 

Pick your favorite ornament colors and work your way up from darkest to lightest.

Related image


6. Scandinavian Style

A minimalist aesthetic with a cozy feel.

Image result for Scandinavian christmas tree


7. Brilliant Blue

If you prefer an unexpected holiday color scheme, blue should definitely be your go-to color!



8. Ice, Ice Baby!

If you’re a lover of glitz and glamour, this shimmery silver tree design will most certainly make a statement in your living room.

Image result for silver christmas tree decor


9. Roses Are Red:

Remind your guests that these flowering plants aren’t just for Valentine’s day.

Image result for flower christmas tree decor


10. Ribbons

Add some depth to your Christmas tree theme with some festive ribbons that will beautifully complement any foliage or metallic ornaments.

Image result for ribbon christmas tree decor


Photo Credit: Rennai Hoefer, Anders Krusberg, Makeit-Loveit, Tumblr, Pinterest, AD

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