Being able to travel the world for free might sound like an unreachable dream, but you can make it a reality if you know where to look.

Here’s our list of practical ways on how to travel the world for free!

House-Sit or Pet-Sit to Stay for Free

You can get free accommodations for just about anywhere around the globe by house-sitting. While the homeowner is away on vacation or work, you’ll stay for an agreed amount of time during which you’ll keep an eye on the house and take care of some light general maintenance around the house.

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If you haven’t already, pick your favorite airline and start racking up frequent flyer miles and credit cards with them until you can get highly discounted and even free air travel.


Teach English

Going overseas to teach English as a second language can give you free housing, a travel stipend, and even a salary on top of it. The best part is, you may not even need a teaching or college degree to teach abroad depends on each country’s requirements.

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Become an Au Pair

If you love kids, you can get a job overseas as an Au Pair, or international nanny. This will get you free room and board, a paycheck, and on some occasions, extra money for travel.

Work On A Cruise Ship

Get a job on a cruise ship and you’ll get free accommodations, food, and travel all over the world. If you’re hired as a full-time employee, you’ll get paid on top of it.

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Become A Flight Attendant

Similar to working on a cruise ship, bagging a cabin crew job can get you to even more amazing destinations in the world for free. If you have the basic qualifications (and patience) to work aboard airplanes, then go on and take full advantage of it!

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