When it comes to taking time off of work, what’s more important than where you go for your break is how you actually spend your break!

Although it’s almost impossible to avoid pre-trip stress, that doesn’t mean the entire holiday has to go to waste. Join us as we weigh in on what makes for the best vacations and what you can do to prolong that post-vacation happiness.

Take lots of pictures, but live in the moment first.

It may seem like the best way to preserve memories of a trip, but research suggests that the act of taking photos can actually impair memory. To overcome this challenge, be sure to take in an experience with all of your senses before reaching for your camera—or do an activity twice, once camera-free and then with an eye for good shots.

Plan things out!

Make a well-thought-out list of all the different activities you (and your travel buddies) would like to do during the vacation to avoid disagreements, hassles, and unexpected eventualities. This will reduce stress and help unlock new adventures every day throughout your trip!

Disconnect and go offline!

 Vacations are a great opportunity to connect with family and friends in a way that isn’t always possible in everyday life. So, go on your next trip with a goal to strengthen bonds, improve communication, and learn more about your travel buddies, if any! Facilitate these goals by turning your devices off for some time during your vacation and channel the rest of your energy towards what is happening around you!

Don’t over-schedule

 Especially when exploring a new location, it is usually tempting to want to fit in as many activities as possible, but overbooking yourself and rushing from place to place can be stressful, leading you to need a vacation from your vacation.

Make a vacation playlist

 A vacation-specific playlist can help preserve the relaxed, carefree feeling of being on holiday! So pick a few songs you’re feeling at a certain moment, put it on repeat throughout the trip, and listen to it later if you ever feel like transporting back in time.

Avoid abandoning work-related stuff!

Many people always advise travelers to leave all their worries (and responsibilities) at home when embarking on a restful holiday. As satiating as that seems, we still believe it is important for you to spend a little bit of time each day taking care of minor work-related issues. This is just so you don’t overwhelm yourself with all the accumulated obligations you may need to tackle upon your return from a holiday.

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