Relationships, as they say, make the world go round. But in reality, deciphering some common relationship questions or navigating through the challenges that many couples face can be really difficult.

Today, we continue with our quest on searching for the most Googled relationship questions, and what Bubo Living thinks their answers really are!

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6. My partner doesn’t say “I love you” so often, is that a problem?

It’s always an enthralling sensation when you hear the words “I love you” sip out of your partner’s mouth. But the truth of the matter is, the phrase “I love you” has become a rather overused one. Yes, a common reassurance that your partner loves you is satisfying, but does he/she really mean it? Remember, quality must always come before quantity.

It’s better to have someone hardly say they love you, but show that they mean it through their actions. Besides, actions speak louder than words

7. My partner’s family doesn’t like me. Should I change for them?

As long as your attitude or lifestyle is not negatively affecting other people, you are under no obligation to change who you are for anybody. You fell in love with your partner, not his entire family. If they don’t like you because of things like your race, your job, or your religion, then that’s their problem and not yours. Once you and your partner feel a hundred percent comfortable with each other, everyone else’s opinion should remain secondary.

If you do feel the pressure to get on the good side of your partner’s family, try to have a serious conversation with them. Go on a trip together, be intentional with your actions, and always give them a chance to know who you really are and vice versa. You never know, they might be more accepting of you if you put in a little effort.

8. How long should it take before we become exclusive?

The traditional answer to this question is that dating should be exclusive from the start. We believe that every relationship begins on the first date, and no one else should be involved when you start getting romantically involved with someone.

9What does a healthy relationship look like?

The tricky thing about this question is that many people don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like. But in a nutshell, healthy relationships bring out the best in us, rather than the worst. That’s the first clear marker that delineates healthy from unhealthy partnerships. We feel good about ourselves when in the presence of our mate. This is in direct opposition to feeling insecure, anxious, and frightened all the time.

10. I am interested in online dating. How do I write a good dating profile?

Your dating profile stands in as the modern version of a first impression! So today writing a good dating profile is an essential way to put your best foot forward in the online dating domain. For starters, be sure to complete the full profile and answer all the sections. People want to see that you’re enthusiastic and uncover a few interesting details about you. Equally as important, always upload profile pictures. A study showed that over 50% of people wouldn’t open a profile without photos! It’s also very important to be honest – you want to meet someone who is a good fit for the real you! And lastly, give enough personal details to create an insight into your personality, but keep enough private to retain the mystery!

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