Relationships, as they say, make the world go round. But in reality, deciphering some common relationship questions or navigating through the challenges that many couples face can be really difficult.

So let’s take a look at a handful of the most Googled relationship questions, and what Bubo Living thinks their answers really are.

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1. I have a crush on someone.  Do I ask him out?”

Why we very much believe guys should do the chasing, sometimes it’s OK to make the first move.

So how do you navigate the situation? You stay positive; be direct and relaxed. Make friends with them first before making any moves! Get to know the person in question before you spring yourself on him —at least enough to know whether they’re worth the date!

2. My partner doesn’t say “I love you” so often, is that a problem?

It’s always an enthralling sensation when you hear the words “I love you” sip out of your partner’s mouth. But the truth of the matter is, the phrase “I love you” has become a rather overused one. Yes, a common reassurance that your partner loves you is satisfying, but does he really mean it? Remember, quality must always come before quantity.

It’s better to have someone hardly say they love you, but show that they mean it through their actions. Besides, actions speak louder than words.

3. My partner likes pictures of other girls on Instagram. What do I do?

This is a very common complaint amongst women, especially those in a new relationship. It’s okay to get a little skeptical when your man is liking and commenting on other women’s pictures online, but it is advisable not to get mad too fast.

Take some time to glance through the kinds of images he likes. Are they raunchy or inappropriate? How often does he like them? Are you familiar with the person in the picture? Analyze these pointers carefully before deciding on the next step to take.

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4. My partner hasn’t gotten over his ex. What do I do?

No woman wants to be a rebound, but it is still very common to fall in love with someone who is not completely over his ex. Breakups are hard, and an awful lot of them hardly end up amicably. So try to be your significant other’s support system by helping him get over his previous relationship, especially if it was a violent or toxic one. Talk to your partner, and maybe urge him to join you in some couple’s counseling sessions.

If all your efforts are to no avail, and you see that your partner is still stuck in his past, you can threaten to end the relationship and move on to someone else. Hopefully, this move might urge him he to get his acts right if he really loves you but be prepared to really move on if he chooses to end the relationship before you make this move!

5. I feel threatened when other girls find my partner attractive. Is this wrong?

It’s totally normal for women to feel a little jealous when someone finds their partner attractive. But never let it get to the level whereby you don’t even allow your significant other hang out with women due to your own fears and jealousy.

Give your man the freedom to associate with other people, and don’t get agitated if anyone finds your partner attractive. In fact, you should feel flattered; you’re lucky you’ve managed to find someone good-looking to possibly spend the rest of your life with. Nonetheless, when other people start getting too physical, don’t be scared to step in and set some boundaries.

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