Starting a new job, for the most part, can be a really exciting time in your life.

However, we also believe that some careful preparation will get you started on the right foot to make a lasting impression and adjust to your new workplace and role.

Keep scrolling for a list of things we reckon you have to do before starting a new job!

1. Plan Your Outfits:

Nothing makes a better first impression than a killer outfit.  So, be sure that your best outfits are ready to go for at least the first week of work. That way, you’d be off to a good start and not scrambling around in the morning.

2. Plan Your Commute

As a new hire, you probably don’t have the luxury to show up late to work.

Of course, traffic delays and/or unforeseen circumstances could all affect your journey, so it is highly recommended that you practice your commute to the office several times before you actually start. This could help you acclimatize to the new area and its roads, and even reduce your chances of getting lost en route to work.

3.  Prepare some light conversation

No one likes a snob at the workplace, but neither do they like an overly-zealous talker either. So, try to head into your first few days of work with the goal of engaging in some light conversations with your coworkers. The topic could be anything; from your favorite food to the stories that made headlines the night before.

Remember, a conversation is a two-way street, so don’t forget to make some connections with the stories you’re hearing in return.

4. Re-Research the company

Of course, you must have already researched your new place of work in the past. But it never hurts to familiarize yourself with the company again and learn more about what your job actually entails.

5. Stalk your co-workers

To give yourself a bit of a head start at work, it’s always a good idea to stalk your future co-workers on social media.

LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter are great platforms to get to know the kinds of people you’ll be working with. Learning a thing or two about them can help you fit into the team a little easier, understand the company culture, and just get an overall feel of what kind of personalities to expect at the office.

6. Bring your own things

Coming to work in need of basically everything is a huge no-no!

Although it is custom for most companies to provide basic stationery and equipment for employees to get their job done, it is not always guaranteed.

So, therefore, it is advisable that new-starters take the most important things with them to work, such as a laptop, a pad of paper, a calculator, your own coffee mug et al.

7. Figure out your meal situation.

Nothing makes a grumpier employee than starvation, so make sure you start off on the right foot by preparing what you’re going to eat first thing every time you wake up in the morning.

In addition, try to familiarize yourself with cafes and restaurants that are close to your office for the days you forget to meal-prep!

8. Practice introducing yourself

It is important for you to establish a connection with the people you will be collaborating with on a day-to-day basis. In order to ensure that your co-workers actually remember who you are, it’s always a good idea to communicate your contribution every time you introduce yourself. For example, instead of just saying “Hello, my name is Jane Doe”, go on and say “Hello, my name is Jane Doe and I am the new systems analyst at this branch.”

Don’t forget to throw in a firm handshake, avoid using slangs and always make yourself available for questions from others.

9. Rest as much as you can!

The days leading up to your first day at work should be filled with tons of relaxation, quality sleep, and enough wholesome food.

You want to show up looking refreshed and ready to get the job done, so make sure you pamper yourself and save all of your high energy for the working days ahead!

Photo Source: Glassdoor

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