To celebrate turning 30, Weight loss Consultant, Fitness Expert and Founder –  ShredderGang, Bunmi George hosted a tea party with like-minded millennial female entrepreneurs. 

Inspiring women entrepreneurs across various industries gathered in La Brioche, Victoria Island, to connect, learn and share from each other and guest speaker, CEO of Health Plus Pharmacy, Bukky George. 

One of the Entrepreneurs in attendance, Ijeoma Balogun – Founder Redrick PR & Redrick Impact Communications shares with us her key learnings from the meet- up.

1. Conviction is Important

“Conviction and purpose work hand in hand. Knowing with certainty that this is where you are meant to be, this is what you are supposed to be doing. Because in times of trials, and it will definitely come, that is essentially what keeps you going”. 


2. Happy People Drive the Dream 

“Bukky George is an extraordinary entrepreneur, what she’s been able to achieve in the amount of time is inspiring – 86 stores and 780 employees across the nation. You need to have a competent team, with the right enthusiasm, energy and attitude who believe in the dream. When you find them, keep them happy the best way you can.”


3. For Dummies Books are your Friends 

“It is OK not to be knowledgeable about some aspects of running a business as long as you are open to learning” 


4. Processes are Integral to Scaling  

“Process is the lynchpin of sustainable, predictable growth. Every great business centers around a core system of processes. Achieving scale requires a level of repeatable and predictable systems. Refining and developing these systems is how companies are able to go from thousands of customers to millions” 


5. Spiritual Direction 

“The God factor! As Christians and believers, we need to involve God in our plans, dreams and passions, with His direction, there are absolutely no limits” 


6. In Trying Times, Keep Moving 

“Keep going, keep moving in those hard and trying times of running a business, it will pass, we must build our resilience and stay focused, and dedicated to the dream” 


7. Learn to Ask for Help 

“There is no shame in needing a helping hand. Don’t be afraid to ask for that discount on your rent or payment plan or to call in a favour from a friend that you need for the business. When we fail to ask, we are the ones who lose”. 

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