In many cases, being a newlywed usually means moving into a brand new home!

This tradition makes a perfect opportunity for family and friends to tap into their creative sides when figuring out the ideal item to gift the newly wedded couples in their lives.

Home accessories make wonderful wedding gifts because they’re thoughtful, practical and always very useful. So, if you’re not sure about what to give the new Mr. and Mrs. in your life, here are a few of our favorite gift ideas we strongly reckon they will love!

  1. Customized Welcome Mat

Adjusting to a new last name poses a common challenge for most brides. Creating a welcome mat that is customized with the new family name is a really sweet gift that could help the couple enjoy their new home together.



2. Glass Cloche

These multifunctional items can be of great use to newlyweds moving into a new home. From storing their favorite plants to hanging jewelry or displaying pastries, glass cloches are timeless accessories that always come in handy for most new homeowners!


3. Wall Art

We all know that every family needs at least one artwork hanging on their walls to complete their home decor journey. Why not give your newlywedded couple a headstart by surprising them with a painting that is unique to their personal taste and home’s style?

Whether you’re buying the art or creating it yourself, a painting will always be a classic gift that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.



4. Candleholder

Candles can easily set the mood for a cozy and romantic couple’s night in. With that being said, a unique and stylish set of candleholders can serve as an excellent and useful gift for any new husband and wife! They are decorative features that the couple would always remember you for during those special occasions!


5. Hang-Anywhere Shelf Duo

From mini plants and novels to home movies and teddy bears, hang-anywhere shelf duos are highly functional accessories that can be placed in pretty much any corner of the house. They’re simple, they’re cute, and your newly-wedded friends may really appreciate it!


6. Clocks

Almost every room in a house needs a clock – which means a lot of money could be spent on purchases, depending on how big the property is. Save your newlyweds some extra cash by gifting them a timeless, unique and homey clock that they’d cherish and admire forever.

Be sure to take into consideration the couple’s home decor style and if possible, room sizes to determine what clocks would be most suitable.



7. Bedding

Sleeping next the person you love is a lot more exciting when you’re doing it under quality bedding! Bedsets and duvets always make wonderful wedding gifts, and if you do it right, you could give your newlyweds a bedding that could transform their bedroom from a regular resting place into their whimsical little haven.



8. Throw Blanket

Couches and sofas come to life when a nicely knitted throw blanket is placed on them! Help your newlyweds spice up their living rooms with a blanket or two, and be sure they feature some crisp, vivid and meaningful designs to add some style to the space.



What are some of your favorite home decor gifts for newlyweds? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below!

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