Wall art, whether simple or elaborate, can easily bring life to any room.

Today, we’re looking at the different ways you can create stunning wall art using print fabrics of various colors, sizes, and textures. Oh, and what makes this idea so exciting? The materials can be purchased at very low costs from nearby markets or your local vendors.

Want to hop on this trendy yet affordable wave? Scroll through to get one or two exciting ideas!





If you’re a minimalist looking for how to beautify your wall in the simplest way, creating a large print tapestry is probably the way to go! Add some life to your unadorned wall by hanging one large Ankara tapestry with a pattern that complements your room’s design.



Circular wall art adds personality and style to the plainest living rooms.  For example, you can turn your old African fabrics into a collection of round, artistic wall hangings. While variety is always great in interior decor, try to adorn your wall using art that is relatively similar in size to avoid ending up with a chaotic space.



Geography is always more exciting when you bring it home! If you’re the creative type that has an eye for maps, feel free to use print fabrics to carve out the outline of your favorite city, state, or continent. Paste it on a plain or colored canvas and pull it all together with a monochromatic picture frame.




Sources: Etsy, Domino, Pinterest, Super TechLanre Studio, BellaAfricana

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