A vignette is a great way for any homeowner to tell a compelling story. It creates a pleasant focal point and can bring lots of charm and life to any space. But how do you make sure you’re not doing the whole table-top thing all wrong?

Today, we’re going to run through some simple tips and tricks that you can easily apply to help create gorgeous vignettes throughout your home’s interior. Take notes!

  1. Don’t over cluster:

One mistake that many homeowners make while creating vignettes is clustering so many items into one area. Less is more when it comes to dressing any table top. Leave some breathing room by carefully selecting and incorporating a select group of simple, meaningful accessories only!



2. Vary heights and shapes:

Whenever you’re mixing and matching the items for your vignette, do make sure you have their heights and sizes at the back of your mind. Opting for a collection of accessories that are long, small, wide and thin brings an artistic focus to the area without looking too shabby. For example, place a tall, elegant lamp beside a little round bowl of beads, then maybe throw a stack of magazines into the mix. There’s beauty in diversity!



Black white and gold entryway


3. Add a touch of nature:

Complete your vignette with a little bit of flora and greenery, if you have the chance. Whether it’s by using a small rose or a huge vase of tulips, it’s always a good idea to incorporate nature into your arrangement to give it a little more life and an additional pop of color.

How to Create a Vignette {Tips & Tricks} via Erin Spain of DIYontheCheap.com.



What items do you love to incorporate into your vignette? Let us know in the comments section below!

Photo Credit: Stacey Brandford, Decorpad Stone GableCocoCozy Erin Spain,  OneKingsLane


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