Ever had a favorite colour and wanted everything in a particular room in your home in that color? Well, that has been me at a point in time!

We are exploring the use of color, more specifically, the infusion of a monotone palette in your home.

What do we mean by monotone? It is simply the use of a single colour with little variation.

It is definitely a brave decision to go monotone, committing to a single color to bring a space to life can be a daunting task but done right, it can produce a stylish and interesting space. When you are working with a single color, texture, contrast, patterns are very important to add depth and warmth to the space.

We are here to help you achieve monotone perfection, with a few great tips!

Warm Wood Accents for the Win

Timber accents have a way of warming up a space. From rich mahogany, cherry, pine to oak and other woods, there is a varied selection to include as accents to a monotone palette.  Ensure you maintain the same wood hues within a space to keep the balance and to avoid clashing and disrupting the calm of your monotone palette. 



Vary the hue & texture

Create more interest with varying shades of white, beige, or pink depending on the color selected to create contrast. Mix light shades with dark shades for example, add off-white, ivory to your white space and, mushroom, stone and skin-toned colors to your beige space. Adding texture is so important; it helps to create depth bringing the space to life. Do one fabric for the sofa, another for accent chairs, and perhaps another for the wallpaper or curtains.   Mix sheers, silks, velvet, and linen.  Mix corduroy, needlepoint, leather, sprigged muslin, and paisley.  Think smooth, matt wall paint complemented with heavy silky curtains and velvet chairs to achieve monotone perfection and the needed warmth required in a home.


Add Patterns

Using patterns in a monotone space is a great way to liven up a space, especially when it is unexpected and quirky. Patterns become the star of the show making the space more dynamic. Mix florals, toiles, stripes, checks, dots and plaids.



Bring on the Metals

Love how metals draw attention to neutral elements to bring in the wow factor breaking up the monotony of a space. From brass, to nickel, glossy gold, oil-rubbed bronze and pewter, bring on the metallics with lighting, drawer pulls, accessories, table or chair legs, picture frames, and curtain rods.


Photo Credit: Jonathan Adler, Camille Styles, Sweet Harmonie, House Beautiful 


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