Today is finally here!  Hallelujah!

We have been working on Bubo Living for a little while, however this year we finally got into a rhythm and decided it was time to share our love for interiors with the world.

Our Goal is Simple – To equip our readers with the inspiration and resources to make beautiful homes in Nigeria and across the globe.

We believe everyone deserves a Home – that tiny corner in the earth where you are most comfortable, where peace reigns and your personality is fully expressed.

At the essence of a life well lived, is beauty experienced and beauty expressed. Your Home should be an experience and expression of beauty.

Bubo Living is here to support you – the interior designers and decorators who want to showcase the imaginings of their mind, the artisans who wants to feature the work of their hands, the enthusiasts who want to feed their creative minds and the individual who wants to turn their House into a Home.

We aspire to show what is beautiful – and beauty in its truest form cutting across different price sensibilities, and style forms. But always, we desire to keep you inspired and empowered knowing your visions of your Home can be very much imagined as well as lived.


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