One of the reasons we set-up Bubo Living was to empower the everyday Nigerian with resources and inspiration to make beautiful homes, provide a platform for interior designers to showcase their amazing work – which we like to feature in Spaces as well as tips on how to #slay as a creative entrepreneur.

How do you ensure your business and your work stand-out? Arm your business with these five tips and your brand is sure to be recognized.

Say Yes to Professional Photos: Armed with our mobile devices, we take dozens of photos daily. With recent technology, iPhone and Android camera’s take pretty dope images and as an interior designer you might get accustomed to taking just phone photos. While they might cut it for live on-the-job updates, the aim should always be to secure high resolution professional photos of your work. Visuals are very important in interior designing; the better the visual, the more compelling the story. Invest in a good camera. For small business owners and start-up’s, we will advise taking short photography or photoshop courses as you might not be able to accommodate a budget for a professional photographer frequently.

Keep Your Website Updated: We are done convincing businesses of the need to have a website – those reasons have long been established. However, a website like a home needs to be nurtured and not abandoned. You nurture, by keeping it updated. Let’s see the new projects you are working on. Have you changed showroom/office location, contact email or phone numbers? This should be updated. Home styling, trends and aesthetics evolve with time, and your website should reflect these changes as it applies to your brand – you don’t want your website stuck in an era that you and everyone else has left behind.

Start a Blog: Share! Share! Share! and Share! In today’s world, all knowledge is shared! Demonstrate thought leadership by setting up a blog or contributing to a website or magazine. Everyone wants to learn from and hire a seasoned expert!

Allow us to follow your design journey: It is for this reason Instagram, Instastories and Snapchat exist! Try not to keep people in the dark, let them in! Interior decorating is a process, that takes months or sometimes years. While we do love the awe-inspiring before and after photos, there is a nice spot in between to accommodate the process before we get to the after. Keep people engaged by sharing your finds, challenges, team spirit and victories as you work with clients on projects.

Network: Your network is your net-worth, as much as this may sound like a cliche, this is absolutely true! Attend networking events, join groups and associations of interest. This will open you to great business opportunities. The Interior Designers Association of Nigeria is a great platform. With the time we spend on social media platforms increasing daily, virtual networking has become a thing! Turn your likes and comments into new business and value relationships!

Photo Credit: Nicole Gibbons for Simon Said  

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2 replies on “5 Ways to #SLAY as an Interior Designer

  1. This is sooo true. Thank you for this writeup. We have seen some areas we need to improve on as a company. God bless you


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