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I have been living in my new apartment for about 6 weeks now, the curtains are finally up – which was very urgent as my husband is so certain there are nudes of us, on some crazy person’s phone.

Other than the installation of the curtains, we have been living very simple lives – I was fortunate my family was moving out of Lagos, so I inherited quite a few from our Lagos home, the curtains being one, two king-size beds (that I love) and will go into the guest bedrooms and some of my favorite artworks (still trying to convince hubby for us to keep them, he wants us to build a collection unique to us). Hubby also brought along with him a king-size bed and a large L-shaped sofa from his bachelor pad.

We are finally ready to make the first big decorating push. I have decided that I will start with furniture as well as decor accents for the living room and guest rooms (there isn’t much needed), then move to our bedroom and the final push – Rugs & Lighting.

Where will I be shopping? 

I am trying to minimize my foreign exchange spend, so I am mostly shopping locally. As a matter of fact, there are a number of great furniture manufacturing companies in Nigeria. Local manufacturing is still quite limited in terms of materials – acrylic, metals are still largely imported so I will focus on modern wood surfaces and finishings for the apartment. I am hoping this article provides great insight on where you can shop for home furniture and accents in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Living Room 


I purchased a few decor accents for the living room during my travels – from TJ Maxx ,  Target, Housing Works, a thrift store I found on my veil adventure in New York, as well as Marks & Spencer, and Made in South Africa shops at Cape Town & OR Tambo airports.  My search for decor accents and art pieces for the living room is still ongoing, which I hope to tackle at the local Lekki Market. My friend got this amazing painting for NGN15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira), I love a good bargain any day. For vases and lamps, I will be hitting Iponri Shopping Complex, Leez Household Store, which is also in Iponri, as well as Lace Gifts – more conveniently located in Kayode Otitoju, Lekki Phase 1. For more upscale finds, I will be making a trip to Angelikas Home Store. Nestled in Victoria Island,  and carefully curated, it houses an exquisite selection of unique finds and high-end luxury pieces.

For furniture, we considered having these made, until we walked into the DO.II Designs showroom – while DO.II pieces are more expensive than the quote from the carpenter, the difference isn’t that much when you put things into perspective. I am saved the hassle of sending the carpenter pictures and hoping he gets it right and dealing with what might be a long lead time. At DO.II, it is ready to pick up and they threw in free delivery. Plus it is the living room, I rather “splurge” (used loosely, as their furniture is quite affordable) on that space than anywhere else. We are still in the selection process, will share final picks.  We decided we will keep the L-shaped sofa that hubby came along with, but I want it upholstered – it is currently grey and I am thinking of changing it to a peacock blue, but not decided. I am considering working with Sixth Sense on the upholstery… need to send them a picture and they will send in a quotation so it is a work in progress.

The Dining Room 


I have been obsessing over the lamps at Caxton Alile. Not a fan of the light fixtures in the apartment. At the moment in the dining area, we have two wall light fixtures and one in the middle. My plan is to replace the wall fixtures with the Caxton Alile Idowu Cane Wall Sconce in Mint Sorbet and have an 18″ Pendant Lamp run down the middle also in Mint Sorbet.

For the dining table, I am torn between getting the 6-seater Adriana from DO.II or the Black Diamond  from Cozy Choice. Discovered Cozy Choice about two weeks ago – they are the first DIY furniture store in Lagos, basically an Ikea – so they are cheap. The difference in price between the two choices is major, so I plan to take a trip to the Cozy Choice showroom to look and feel the Black Diamond. I don’t expect the same quality as the Adriana, neither do I want it falling into pieces after 6 months. I want to try my best to save on the dining table – no guarantees though.

I have always loved the look of a wooden dining table complemented with ghost chairs. It is quite a challenge to shop affordable ghost chairs here, so I will be importing these, found a few on Overstock and they ship directly to your doorstep in Nigeria.

The Bedrooms


The Guest Bedroom

We have two guest bedrooms. Now that my family isn’t situated in Lagos anymore, I can expect they will be coming around once in a while. The rooms will house the inherited furniture pieces as well as art from our Lagos home and a few new pieces here and there, I will see how it goes.

Our Bedroom 

For our bedroom, we need four main furniture pieces – a console, a 2-seater sofa, a dressing table and side stools. I have decided to go very affordable/cheap with these items and will be recruiting the services of a carpenter. For our console, my bestie introduced me to this place on Ikorodu Road, Ikeja where you can get ready-made consoles under NGN30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira) and they look amazing and reasonably durable. It will be done to great taste but with a conservative budget.

Photo Source: Fresh HomeGoodHouseKeeping & HGTV

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