You can’t do without a console table in your home. It’s such a necessary piece of furniture so knowing how to style it will do you some good. Because a console is sort of a blank canvas it can prove to be a styling challenge. We are here to help you out by providing a quick and easy 5 step guide.

Step 1: The Wall

In most cases, a console is placed to fill the wall, and the wall cannot be neglected, as it adds to the overall look and feel. A statement art piece can be used to give the wall personality, other alternatives are accents such as mirrors or wall clocks.





Step 2: Stack it Up

Coffee table books are multifunctional and serve you well when styling your console table. The books can be stacked on directly on the table, or stacked in a tray alongside candles, diffusers etc., which is then placed on the table.



Step 3: Height 

Height is needed to create depth to design or styling in this case. Great way to add this can be with flowers, plants, candelabras or  towering accents.




Step 4: Light it Up

Lamps are such a great addition to a console table. You can add as a pair or single.



Step 5: Fill it up

Depending on the style of your console, there might be a bottom space to fill up. You can style that space with functional baskets, ottomans and stools.




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