For Volume II, tagged “Made in Africa” – we feature a few specially crafted pieces by African artisans.


A little more information…

Lady Blue Doll: Handmade in  Cameroon, this gorgeous doll is hand-carved from African Rosewood and adorned with glass beads, cowrie shells, coins and metal strips and leather.  Presented to brides, these Namji dolls are fertility artifacts believed to bring good luck to young couples wishing to start their families. The Namji women carry these around as they would their babies.

Africana Occasional Chair: Upholstered with Ankara fabric and locally sourced wood, the Africana occasional combines tradition with modernity through its design.

Jemima Ten Cows Basket : Made from all natural materials and woven in Bolga by incredible artisan weavers, these unique baskets are available in various colours and sizes.In The Baba Tree’s neck of the woods, the usual dowry paid as a bride price is two cows.  Jemima Akologo wants ten cows … and she was the first one to weave this type of basket in Bolgatanga. We reckon that she is worthy …These baskets appeal to the discerning buyer who appreciates the challenging journey of creating sumptuous adornment.

Sources: SnobStuffTaeillo, Baba Tree

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