Hi Everyone,

Excited to be on this decor journey with you but also slightly nervous because this is my first attempt at fully decorating a home.

A little history about me, I’m a lover of beautiful things and since I was little I’ve always been told that I have a great eye – I put things together and they always turn out OK (Yes! I refuse to blow my own trumpet).

My first major attempt as a DIY decorator was for my office space about 3 years ago and I was thoroughly pleased with how everything came together so I’m hoping for the same stroke of luck this second time around.

I just recently married the love of my life and we’ve moved into a 3 bedroom flat in Lagos, Nigeria which we plan to live in for a few years, it’s far from being our dream home, but it’s a good start! It’s newly built with a few finishing deficiencies which I plan to mask with great furnishing, lighting and accent choices.

After having the weddings of our dreams (because they were 3 of them), we are still recovering financially and have given ourselves one year to build our home. I use the word ‘build’ because it’s going to be a process of little additions every now and then. I’ll be sharing the joys, pains, finds & triumphs I experience on my DIY journey.

I’ve asked myself, what do I want my home to look like?  what elements are necessary? Here’s a list of my home aesthetic essentials:

Green: I love green, I love plants! While we don’t have a garden, I plan to have a few greens inside the living spaces, as well as in our little balcony.


Finds from all over the world: I have a modern yet eclectic taste, I like to ransack thrift stores, and roam the world wide web looking for unique finds that make great conversation pieces.


Contemporary Art: Art is an absolute necessity for any living space, and I can’t wait to start collecting some contemporary art pieces for my home.


Photo Gallery:  I’ve always loved the idea of a photo gallery, having a varied mix family images, and striking pieces that make your home personal and intimate. I’ve found the perfect spot for this, we have a nice wall across the dining area that will house all our images. I got gifted a sketch from my wedding dress designer that I can’t wait to hang up!


I’ll be sending new updates once in a while so don’t be a stranger and check in every now and then!

Wish me Luck!


Feature Image Source: CountryLiving.com

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