A home can be styled in so many different alluring ways; depending on the style sensibilities of its occupants.

I personally have a preference for visually stimulating homes; I like my eyes to wander around a space, for my sense of sight to evoke a range of emotional feelings of excitement, enthrallment and inspirational wonder! Key to this visual stimulation is colour; I seek to discover how colour works in the space – does it enhance it? And how well it complements all that surrounds it.

There are a million and one ways you can infuse colour into your home to create a magical space. The first three editions of Home Styling with Bubo Living will focus on three ways – Colour Blocking, Monotone & Monochrome.

In this edition, I tackle Colour Blocking. While totally overdone with clothing (that is, in my opinion), this style still needs to be shown some love in our homes. Colour blocking is a great way to infuse a modern flair to your living space.

What is Colour Blocking?

It is the art of layering contrasting blocks of solid colour. It features bold splashes of geometric color that produce hyper-saturated or subtle mixes that are easy on the eye but attract attention.

How can you infuse Colour Blocking into your Home?

With this style, you can go mild or wild, fun or ultra sophisticated; the possibilities are endless and the versatility in execution makes it universally appealing. Here are my three favorite ways to infuse colour blocking into your living spaces.

Walls: This is for the bold and adventurous! Paint your whole wall space in your chosen bold shade. Alternatively, you can paint one or two accent walls in contrasting color combinations. Another great way to infuse this style into your living space is to select areas on your wall and paint geometric patterns that strikingly contrast the main colour on the wall. Infuse accents in the same shade as the wall throughout the space to create synergy.


Decor Accents & Accessories: This is a mild approach to colour blocking. Adding small pieces of contrasting solid colour to your space to complement the existing colour scheme. For example, if you have a neutral scheme running through your living room, add a set of neon orange throw pillows or curtains for a colour-block effect. This will also make the sitting area a focal point in the room. The choice of colors for the accents will depend on the colour scheme of your space as well as the effect you desire to achieve. For high contrast combinations try: pink and orange or sun yellow and teal. Alternatively there are great colour-blocked accent pieces you can purchase, such as, stripped pillows, vases and wall hangings that will make this style easier to achieve in your space.


Furniture: This is about visually disrupting a space; breaking the running colour scheme, not with little accent pieces, but with large ones. Complement your grey two/three-seater sofa with a set of fuchsia occasional chairs or a bookshelf or console with different colour blocks. True colour lovers can definitely have fun with this!



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